About PatRick Corporation:

PatRick Environmental Inc. dba PatRick Corp. was established in 1971 by Rick Dice as a partner. In 1974, PatRick Corp. was incorporated. Rick Dice has held the position as President since that time. Today, PatRick Corp. continues to send emergency service crews and engines throughout the nation.

PatRick Corp. is a leader in the private sector industry in both fire and fuels contracting. Rick Dice created PatRick's motto "Where experience and professionalism makes the difference, Since 1972". PatRick has continually requested higher standards and more compliance with existing agreements and or contracts.

PatRick Corp. was the first private sector company to successfully complete a fire contract with USFS and BLM in the 1970's. Between 1972 – 2024 PatRick Crews & Engines have been dispatched on more than 2,000 resource orders for the State and Federal Incidents. These figures do not include any Prescribed Fire and Emergency Service Assignments. In 1986, PatRick Corp. is the first contractor to sign an individual agreement with the State of Oregon for Fire Crews. This agreement was replaced by the ODF Crew Agreement in 1988. PatRick Corp. helped establish a National Contract in 2001 with the US Forest Service and today we travel across the nation fighting wildfires and assisting other states in emergency services such as hurricane and flood cleanup. PatRick Corp. meets or exceeds all NWCG requirements and guidelines for training our employees.

Rick Dice, President PatRick Corp. for more than 40 years, is a 5th generation wildland fire fighter. Rick Dice is also a founding member and President of the National Wildfire Suppression Association (NWSA) for more than 20 years and remains of the board today. Rick Dice continues to collaborate with state and federal organizations to create partnerships between these agencies and the private sector wildland industry. He has been a leader in representing the interests of the private sector wildland firefighters in Washington DC and across the nation.

Today PatRick Corp. is a family run business with five offices and between 200-350 employees every year during fire season.