Wildland Fire Suppression

PatRick sends fire resources such as crews, engines and equipment on many different federal and state contracts. PatRick's fire equipment, engines and tenders, is on a R-6 and R-8 engine contract and EERA's, Emergency Equipment Rental Agreement. PatRick's Crews are ordered through the Oregon Department of Forestry, Pacific Northwest Coordination Center, and Boise Interagency Fire Center.

 We Provide Qualified & Trained:

  • Type 2 IA National Contract Crews
  • Type 2 Crews
  • Type 6 Engine Strike Team
  • Type 4 Engine Strike Team
  • Type 2 Water Tenders
  • All Terrain Suppression Vehicles

PatRick Corp. meets or exceeds all NWCG requirements and guidelines for training our employees in wildland firefighting and emergency services. Training certification is through NWSA, the National Wildfire Suppression Association.