Boise Office
2049 W. Commerce Ave.
Boise, ID 83705
P: 208-376-2667 - F: 208-377-2953
Base Manager: Randall Teel

We use this office for dispatching crews, time keeping, payroll, up keep on training records, local hiring, training, maintaining an inventory of fire clothing and equipment. At any given time this base has a call list of sixty to eighty fully trained and qualified personnel.

We keep 9 crew cab pickups here with two fully outfitted crew trailers, our base manager and lead crew boss do miner maintenance on the vehicles. If we have any serious repairs that need to be done we either get it taken care of locally or it gets sent back to our national Redmond, Oregon to be fixed or replaced.

We keep an inventory in the fire cache outfit the fire crews with everything needed, the inventory has enough extra equipment to meet all replacement needs. The equipment inventory is in excellent condition.